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Scott Weir
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Scott Weir This song is incredible. The drumming on this track is out of this world. I love songs that build and the melody that increases in intensity through this song is wonderful. The lyrics capture many of my own fears regarding our mortality.

"I am terrified, and I dont want to die
This world is so beautiful, I want to be alive"

A true classic Favorite track: Living Eulogy.
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    Panopticon's "On the Subject of Mortality - part one" are the most honest and revealing Panopticon recordings thus far. These songs are organic, stripped down, and uncompromising. A sorrowful - yet somehow hopeful - exploration of the theme of Death and the purpose of existence. Fueled by ferocious, driving drumming and percussion, raging and furious vocals, and the technical guitar shredding of A. Lundr. But this time expect a melancholy pervading that separates these works from Panopticon's usual message of "stand and fight for it". This time there is the feeling of questions unanswered and frustration at our very short time here on Earth. "When Bitter Spring Sleeps" offers their unique Black Metal nature worship as well. One vicious live ritual recorded in a nature preserve: A spell to conjure storms. The other tracks feature WBSS' first studio recordings blended with ambience captured at the same nature preserve but brimming with depth and thick instrumentation. One homage to the mystical powers of Fire and Water. And the final track closes the album concept with a tribute to the wonder and majesty of Almighty Death (a cover song written by etherial folk artist Arrowwood).

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released July 10, 2012



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Track Name: Panopticon - to Make an Idol of Our Fear and Call it God
Track Name: When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Flames that Taste the Rain
Two powers intertwine
On this cold grey afternoon
Smell of wet leaves on the breeze
Between the bitter smoke of oakenwood

Ambrosial breath of fire
Singing its mysteries
An alchemical transformation
Shifting one form to the other

Flames that taste the rain shimmer then flicker in the wind
Rising eyes if fire that blink as they waver and die
Countless tendrils blazing silver streaming groundward
A doorway to awakenings
Track Name: When Bitter Spring Sleeps - We Cower in the Storms of her Retribution
Every stone
Every tree
Every mountain
Every breeze

Was not made for you
Not made for you...
We cower in the storms of her retributuion...
In the shadow of her fragile sanctuary...

Oh she will not mourn your passing...
In the shadow of her fragile sanctuary
This palace was not made for you...
Track Name: When Bitter Spring Sleeps - All Things Rise (Arrowwood Cover)
I feel that life will never end where the heart lays in the dark ground
Where love leans like a crack in the heart... in the heart
I've seen all things rise to fall into dust
Into the flare that turns us pale... where loveliness dies

Ah... All things rise, rise to fall
Ah... Chaos comes as close as breath
Within the shadows, the eyes of death watching, once warm in a clover sweet now so cold in the dark ground
Ah... Still hearts in shallows fall into the grave

Ah... All things rise to fall
I've seen sparks in the trees so weak; tiny stars, they struggle like the dying of love...
Arising death
Ah... All things rise to fall

Ah... All things are brought to the grave
Once so warm, now so cold, so cold...