the Path of Liberation From Birth and Death

by Njiqahdda

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    The strange dark spirit of Njiqahdda is summoned forth once again for an epic journey into an ethereal maelstrom of mystic eccentricity. Njiqahdda easily shatters the bonds of it's former self to present over 75 minutes of technical, complex, progressive and melodic Njimajikal art.

    This latest spell incorporates multiple guest vocalists and a densely diverse, technically-proficient instrument performance, delving into previously undiscovered complex chasms of mind-altering mystery. With their signature thickly-immersive recording production, Njiqahdda this time lashes forth with surprising skill and virtuosity to carve violent vistas of structure out of cosmic chaos using their seemingly endless well of creative energies. Guest Appearances: Guest vocals : Syntax A. and
    S. Trombatore.

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Our paths have crossed unexpectedly. Sword and shield, blade and gun, the time of man to fall has already begun to take place. Shall we battle until death or form and attack the true enemy? Raised in the spirit of warriors, our minds have grown weary and frail, much like our bodies. We must regroup and formulate an inspired movement. The war rages on, day in and day out, neglecting purpose, removing the sustenance from our mouths. Who is he that has pitted brother against brother? They are the true enemy. Our blood all runs red, our minds strengthened from adversity, our bodies fine-tuned from practicing the art of war. We now stake our claim, transcendence will rise again. We all went forth to die, but have realized that they had built us upon lies. In this moment, we are alive, screaming with life. We return from the flame, hardened but aware, tired but alive, now is the time, the time to truly rise. The only promise to make is to never retreat, never give in, this battle is not ours, but we have came to win. The light is shining at the end of the tunnel, we just have to trudge through the black to obtain it.
Tempered with text, learned by experience, meditated with purpose. It can now be seen. This absolute is something to be feared, respected and admonished. Each dream is a chapter of a story written long before, but fully realized in the moment of awakening. Whole lives prepared for the one singular moment, when the eyes are opened and adjusted to the blinding truth of reality. The things we have been told are meant to be unlearned and dissected, to be seen for what they really are; projections of stained minds, clouded with hate and discourse. Removal is paramount, renewal is imminent. Each breath is a reminder of our mortality, but preparation has been beneficial. These occurrences all now make sense. Each piece of the puzzle has been shaved down to fit in the grand scheme. The pain and sadness have created self-awareness. The main purpose is to move forward to life. To life! Bring the reality to those in hiding, their minds will be opened, the faceless ones will be reformed. To smash the will of followers and create a pact of leaders. Unafraid of failure.
The perfection of what once was has now been deflowered and disemboweled. Man has allowed his greed to sacrifice the only things that are important. He has turned the universal form of tranquility into a chaotic mass of failure. Burn the crops, remove the wildlife, kill your fellow man, sell your very own spirit to attain that which means nothing. Be proud of your pathetic accomplishments and ability to destroy all that is meaningful. Destroy all those who refuse to bow down to you, stoop to your disgusting level of inhumanity. Either man must be exterminated or reborn anew. There are not enough of us to currently change the climate of instability. Something must be done. Put down all the things that cloud your existence, keep you busy while the world is being dismanteled piece by piece. Stand up, fight, revolt! Our death is greater than their life of pathetic materialism and greed. I will die before I bow down to any man or god.
Nothing should be accepted blindly; everything should be accepted with care and caution. One should practice tolerance and forgive the minor offenses of others. Truthfulness means that facts should not be misrepresented, but should be presented fully, for the benefit of others... One should always speak the truth, even though it may seem unpalatable at the time. (Bhagavad-Gita: As It Is / The Opulence of the Absolute: Ch. 10, Txt. 5 -pg.165) The unwavering belief that he is greater than all. The throne of crystal, gold and diamond is only a facade for burning, black insidiousness. Hubristic falsity self-imposed by those who know nothing more than complete selfish destruction. The halls of gold are flecked with gore and blood. Each and every lie is cast upon a canvas of deceit; wholly rendering man as useless as the things he praises as absolute. The throne will be crushed, the empire will fall and each last one who clings to their false hope of life will be brought down as well. Your gods have failed, your beliefs are false, your pride is hideous and this blade, this fire and this battle will cleanse them all. Stand firm in your opulence, for you, just as the rest of us, will die. We will all pay the price for our lives, our choices, , but the price for some will be greater than others. Beyond the ability of payment. Welcome to the end and the cleansing rites of finality, we have finally made it back home, to crawl back in and wither away. From nothingness, back to nothingness.
Visions; It was all like a dream. Every night, the same dream (nightmare) of red skies, black soil and burnt land. I remember it all as if it was reality. Each moment, every sight, it was all so real I could taste the putrid smoke as everything had burned back into the pits of the arth. Vivid accounts of things that had not happened, but felt more real than anything I had ever experienced. The looming question of meaning is drowning my thoughts in a black river of confusion. Maybe the meaning is to have no meaning. A visual representation of discord and despondency? Remembrance; Maybe another night an answer will come. Maybe another day. If not another day breaks to this life, it will be as it is, as it was, as if nothing at all. Each breath, closer to the end of disease and peril, but also closer to the knowing of naught. A life of unrest manifested in dreams, nightmares, disease and failure. Heads Smashed by Teeth; This is what is real. They were all seen as blood and this is how I will remember them. Flowing and continual movement to and from places unknown. The sky and earth all represented by blood, crushed under the weight of existence.


released July 17, 2012


all rights reserved


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